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21 de mar de 2013

Dead Tired Wave 3




Feel like giving my opinions on these new reveals…
Robecca- Is that a phonograph docking station? Yes I think it is and it’s freakin awesome. I don’t know if I like this or Abbey’s ice cream more. Also her face mask and slippers are adorable. I just feel eh on the clothes and I doubt I will get this
Lagoona- I LOVE THST SHIRT. MH seriously needs more tee-shirts, or maybe a character who dresses like me? I’m in a flannel plaid shirt that is green, pink, yellow, purple, and a bunch of other colors, jeans, and would be wearing a pair of military boots. I am so excited to see a tee-shirt on a ghoul that I would buy this Lagoona if I had the money.
Spectra- I’m glad she has a doll for her bed, but I’m very “meh” on her. I like the fact at she has a flowy nightgown as it should be nothing else for her. I also see her playing “Fangry Birds”? She’s just “okay” for me. :\


I actually really adore the Dead Tired MH dolls! Nothing is cuter than girls in pajamas. Only question is will there be a doll with an X-Large mens graphic t-shirt for pajamas?

I’d love to see that on someone like Howleen. 
        Robecca Steam                         Lagonna Blue            Spectra Vondergeist

Lagoona’s Shower
Spectra’s Bed ;)

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